Ottawhat 18 – Rena Jaroszewski

This week on Ottawhat?, we talked with Rena Jaroszewski, a doctor who has a fondness for folk music. We talked about wedding planning and combining cultural traditions, and how med school and residency isn’t nearly as crazy as Grey’s Anatomy (but it’s close).

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St Ambroise – Citrouille (Pumpkin Ale)

Ottawhat 17 – Kim Scott (Ottawa Renewable Energy Coop)

This week on Ottawhat?, we sat down with Kim Scott, who is a board member of the Ottawa Renewable Energy Cooperative (OREC). We had a very informative chat about the societal and financial benefits of solar energy, ways you can reduce your carbon footprint, and the all the best spots to get out and enjoy nature around our great city.

OREC are preparing for their third share offering, if you’re interested in finding out more about the co-op, be sure to visit their website to learn how to get involved.

Northumberland Ale – Church Key Brewing
Ottawa Renewable Energy Coop –
Ecology Ottawa –
Kim’s Twitter – @solarandapples
OREC Twitter – @ORECoop


Ottawhat 16 – Liz Messner

This week on Ottawhat? we sat down with Elisabeth Messner, a young professional fresh out of law school and the bar exam. Together, we cleared up some misconceptions about studying to become a lawyer, figured out what parts of lawyering on TV are actually real, and learned that Liz is on a first name basis with Judge Judy!Liz also drops a major piece of news on all of us, an exclusive “bombshell” so to speak, so tune in for that!

Links: – Salsa Dancing on Elgin Street
Wellington County Dark Ale