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Hailing from the “Jewel of the Wilderness” that is Elliot Lake, Ontario, Amaan brought his dashing good looks to Ottawa where he fell into a career working for the federal government. He lives in the current Ottawhat studio, works in Human Resources, and prides himself on his ability to count to 50 in less than one minute.
Hometown: Elliot Lake, ON
Occupation: Human Resources Officer
Interests: Ottawa Events, Late Night Talk Shows, Curry
Current Goal: Start his own podcast
Favourite Ottawa Spot: The Berryman
Activities: Tennis, watching TV, disagreeing with people for fun
Rob came to Ottawa from Calgary, and he has happily adopted the capital as his home. He’s a tech and podcast fanatic, he runs UnwindMedia.com, and hosts several podcasts there you might have heard of. Rob also works for the government by day.
Hometown: Calgary, Alberta
Occupation: Digital Communications Specialist
Interests: Technology, Apple, THE FUTURE
Current Goal: Grow taller
Favourite Ottawa Spot: Home
Activities: Soccer, blogging, telling people how their iPhone works
Tall, dark, and handsome…are three words. Keegan On knows dozens more…dozens! As a lifelong resident of Ottawa, Keegan feels a deep connection to this city. He works as a teacher and enjoys listening to stand up comedy and podcasts, doing Brazilian jiu jitsu, and eating butter tarts.
Hometown: Ottawa, ON
Occupation: Teacher
Interests: Comedy, Mixed Martial Arts, Useless Facts
Current Goal: Do more than 4 chin ups
Favourite Ottawa Spot: Lieutenant’s Pump
Activities: Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, Board Games, Yelling in Public

Contributing Writers

Comedian & Writer
Born and raised in Ottawa (without any chance of escape), Colin has embraced many art forms as means of sustenance. He is an improviser for Elgin Street Improv. He lives in Centretown, where all the aggressively drunk people like to scream.
Eric Turmelle
Part Time Comedian & Notorious EIT
Growing up in Timmins, Ontario, Eric’s parents always hoped he would make it big and become a roadie for Shania Twain. But this young man had bigger aspirations…to be a contributing writer for Ottawhat. He frequents the Ottawhat studio and has used both of its bathrooms.
Mike Holuj
Mike has lived his entire life in Kanata, Ottawa. Much like Kanata, Mike is very boring. Seroiusly, he has no interesting ideas. His favourite Ottawa location is “Not Kanata”. He records music in his bedroom under the name Dalberg, but much like Kanata, it too is very boring.
Andrea Tingey
Carleton University Student
Ottawa newcomer Andrea Tingey came to Ottawa to fulfill her dream of escaping the second most boring city in Canada: London. She is president of the People-Watching Society of the Rideau Centre, and in her spare time, she engages in witchcraft and craft beer.