Ottawhat 10 – Shea Murphy

Shea Murphy stopped by our studios this week for a chat about work/school part-timing, his growing love of board games, and giving business advice to startups. You’ll also find out if he’s a cat or dog person.

Feel free to speculate on why Amaan’s finger needs a splint this week!

Kichesippi 1855 – Kichesippi Brewery
Sons of Pluto


Ottawhat 8 – Anna On

Anna On (Keegan’s better half) stopped by this week.

In this episode, we chatted about working in Orleans, the existence of a thriving Polish community in Ottawa, the difference between “normal speak” vs. Starbucks lingo, and key elements for “the best night ever.”

She even gave us her take on Keegan’s proposal. Find out if it was indeed as grand as Keegan claimed in Episode 2!


The Tom Green Beer – Beau’s Brewery